The Sunday Limes

Very soon, the seeds of change, planted by my grandfather Potyr Khomiakov Junior, shall sprout. And then the revolution shall truly begin. Anyways, thank you for visiting the web site of The Sunday Limes.

We hope you enjoy your visit here !

The Sunday Limes was founded by my grandfather, Potyr Khomiakov Junior. My name is Oswald Khomiakov, and I have been running this humble lime business since I came of age.

This is me.

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Benedict Smithers has been selected as the Sunday Limes employee of the month ! Congratulations, Benedict ! Benedict was chosen for his impressive athleticism and his dedication to his craft. He brings magic, humor, and whimsy to each delivery ! Little did he know, one of his fellow employees recorded this lovely customer interaction from afar. THANK YOU, BENEDICT, FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK ! !

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